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Who we are

Data42 is a full service technology company formed by professionals with vast experience in the field of technology, including in multinational companies, that throughout their experiences could identify and understand, in practice, the needs and consequent business opportunities that come from the comprehension of data and its complex structuring and visualization.

By allying theory and practice, Data 42 presents itself with the differential of joining vast knowledge about the current developments of technology, through an academic perspective, which focuses on offering support to companies that are interested in optimizing their processes to maximize results.

What we do

Data 42 offers personalized technology services that aim at maximizing results by processes that promote efficiency and reliability in the capturing and interconnecting of data, from intuitive visualizations to clients that lead to more precise and predictable decision making.

Our services meet the needs of companies of all sizes that search for a technological and digital maturity in order to positively impact prospective business deals. Thus, we aim at offering end-to-end services that start from the raw data to effective business opportunities, working side by side with clients in all technological and decision making steps necessary.

Tools and

Tools and Processes

Data 42 offers clients the differential of an integrated tools and processes portfolio that permits a digital transformation from end to end. Unlike other market solutions that deliver “raw” data which give very little information about the business, Data 42 aims at refining the data in order to broaden the comprehension along with clients, developing strategic directions to the business:

• Data mining
• Data cleansing
• Data structuring
• Data base construction
• Business segmentation
• Automation
• Development of intuitive dashboardss

• Construction and Managing of APIs and CRMs
• Artificial inteligence
• Customer service
• Identification of sales conversion
• Business Insights & E-commerce
• Analytics


We also offer corporate training courses for companies
that seek professional improvement of internal teams:

Tableau and Power BI presentations

Data bank development: MySQL, ETLs, etc.

Criation of Data Lakes (AWS)

APIs development

Data integration solutions


São Paulo - Brazil

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